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How Much Does an Egg Donor Cost?

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October 29, 2021
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How Much Does an Egg Donor Cost?

The donor egg IVF cost in India ranges from (approx.) INR. 2,75,000 to INR. 3,00,000. The cost will affect by various other aspects that require in the treatment. The egg donor price in India ranges from INR. 1,25,000.

Why have donor eggs in India?

Infertility can cause by various problems of the male or female partner that stop them from becoming parents. The health and condition of the eggs and sperm should be normal to achieve a successful pregnancy. But due to problems, the quality of eggs or sperm starts affecting and affects the conception possibility of couples. Many women undergoing IVF therapy can conceive with their eggs, even so, some are unable to do so due to egg quality and health issues. To these women, experts advise for the egg donor as it can provide a high conception chance. The Donor egg IVF success rates in India are high than regular IVF treatment. It is a safe procedure as performed with IVF treatment under the observation of highly experienced doctors and fertility specialists. The egg donor laws in India make the method secure for couples and donors.  

 Which infertility problem can assist by the donor eggs in India?

A healthy woman donates the eggs and, that assists in the infertile couple’s conception process. In the place of self eggs, the donor egg uses. The Egg Donor Cost in India will include in the IVF treatment.

Using donor eggs can assist the couple in conception even suffering from various infertility problems.

Your fertility specialist will advise for IVF with donor egg in India for these reasons:

The female partner has a premature ovarian failure that causes infertility and affects the health of eggs. After 40 years old, the woman ability to produce eggs starts diminishing is known as menopause.  

  • Due to the lifestyle, many women face poor quality and count of eggs at an age higher than 30.
  • The female partner has faced multiple miscarriages and, the reason for it is still unexplained.
  • The woman has any genetic disease that will transmit into the child.
  • The couple fails to conceive in IVF treatment with self eggs.
  • The donor egg and sperm of the male partner will inseminate to fertilize and provide conception.

How many stages of IVF treatment with donor eggs includes in India?

The process of IVF with Egg donor in India: The IVF procedure in India includes various stages that accomplish with the guidance of advanced methods and technologies. It will perform in the lab by your infertility specialist. In IVF treatment, the sperm and eggs retrieve from their body but, if the donor eggs use so, they will collect from the donor uterus. The stages are:

The expert examines the patient for abnormalities, reproductive health, sperm and egg quality, and infertility. Egg donor also screened before donating to evaluate her quality and condition of eggs. Her age should be between 22 to 35 years as after this the quality of eggs starts decreasing.  
The specialist will counsel the egg donor to take medicine that will cause the mature quantity of eggs production at the retrieval. Medications stimulate ovaries to increase the count and quality of eggs. It also helps in releasing them into the uterus. The intended mother uterus prepares before transferring the embryo into it.
A catheter (device) will be inserted into the cervix opening to extract the eggs from the donor uterus. It will go inside and, the ultrasound helps in the process by locating the eggs. It will collect from the egg follicles and retrieve them from the body.
The male partner will produce a semen sample by ejaculating and, it prepares for further procedure. It will wash to have the high quality and count of sperm.
The sperm and donor eggs will place on the cultural plate for insemination. Sperm enter the cytoplasm of the egg for fertilization. It will fertilize and create embryos after a few days, which will monitor in the lab for a few more days before being harvested.
The catheter will insert into the uterus of a woman who is trying to conceive. It will follow the device and, your expert will place it into the uterus. Through preparing the uterus wall, the embryo will attach to it.
Blood tests will confirm the pregnancy and IVF treatment results in India. It performs after two to three weeks of embryo transfer.

Risk of egg donation:

The process of egg retrieval from the donor can lead to some side effects. Fertility medications apply that increase the possibility of consequences. The medicines lead to some minor to major issues like weight gain, mood swings, or headaches. In very few cases, the upper side effects can see like OHSS Ovarian Hyper-Stimulation Syndrome, strokes, enlarged ovaries, and the problem with a future pregnancy. Many women face difficulties during egg retrieval. The intended parents will face fewer consequences that do not affect the health of fertility.

 How much does the donor egg in India cost?

The IVF treatment with donor eggs in India cost can affect someone’s pocket thoroughly. Usually, It advised by the doctor after the failure of previous treatment cycles. The egg donor cost in India influences the total IVF treatment expenditure. It requires the cost of the donor, medical charges, screenings, counselling, etc.

The egg donor process cost in India can affect anyone’s IVF cost. You may save money by concentrating on a few key areas, such as selecting the best egg donor agencies in India for the egg donor. The Donor egg IVF success rates in India are higher as it retrieves after effectively screening and evaluating the donor.  

Which centre can provide donor egg IVF procedures with a high success rate in India?

 DYNAMIC FERTILITY AND IVF CENTRE in India is the best centre for IVF and other infertility treatments. They have well-educated and skilled fertility experts and specialists in the well-built centre.

They have the highest Donor egg IVF success rates in India at more than 65%. They have packages for all infertility treatments that show their devotion towards patients.

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