Dr. Baidyanath Chakrabarty – A Trailblazer of IVF in India, endow his 33 years old institute to ICMR

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Dr. Baidyanath Chakrabarty – A Trailblazer of IVF in India, endow his 33 years old institute to ICMR

Dr. Baidyanath Chakrabarty

Dr. Baidyanath Chakrabarty

In an era where prestigious institutions are hoarding crores of rupees by selling themselves to corporates or foreign traders, a 90-year old IVF veteran opts for donating the IRM (Institute of Reproductive Medicine) to ICMR (Indian Council for Medical Research).

Dr. Chakrabarty said that in 2010, when his wife became ill, it was the first time he had thought of bestowing the institute upon ICMR. He even asked his daughter if she would like to take the reins of the institute but she explicitly refused as she lives abroad and had no interest in the prospect of handing an institution on her own.

This made him anxious and he felt troubled fearing that his years of labour would go in vain once he passes away. Then, he contacted ICMR at that time and suggested a proposal amalgamating his institute with ICMR, which got approved this year. The merger is supposed to take place by the end of this year.

He received proposals from various domestic and international foreign investors and organizations willing to assume responsibility of the institute, but none of them was willing to further execute the research work, which the doctor always deemed important when it came to the growth of reproductive medicine.

Doctor Baidyanath also stated, “I felt the region deserved a government facility. It will ensure that research and fertility treatment continues outside the ambit of business.” He clearly  enunciated in his proposal that east region of India where IRM (Institute of Reproductive medicine) is situated, has no research centre or any other facility led by government on reproductive and fertility medicine.

Chakrabarty believes that ICMR is a major research organization that would better use the resources of his institute and will aid in its further development.  He also feels assured of the fact that his institute will carried on by a reputed organization highly suitable for this work.

ICMR suggested renaming the institution after Dr. Chakrabarty but he rejected the proposal saying,” All my life I have worked to create a link between basic research and clinical research.  This is the only way medical science can progress. I will be happy if ICMR carries on the work at my institute.”

Along with providing IVF facilities, the institute has an animal house. The institute is also running a fellowship programming having six participants.

IRM (Institute of reproductive medicine) has two buildings at Salt Lake, and the centre for reproductive medicine is one of them. Over 3,000 couples receive treatment at this centre every year and the IVF success rate of the institute in around 30-40%. The institute is associated with the West Bengal University of Health Sciences and Calcutta University.

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