What is The Cost of Surrogacy in south Delhi 2021? Dynamic Fertility

What is The Cost of Surrogacy in south Delhi 2021?

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What is the cost of an egg donor in Gurgaon 2021?
May 20, 2021
What is the cost of IVF in south Delhi 2021
What is the cost of IVF in south Delhi 2021?
July 22, 2021
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What is The Cost of Surrogacy in south Delhi 2021?

What is The Cost of Surrogacy in south Delhi

What is The Cost of Surrogacy in south Delhi

What is the cost of surrogacy in south Delhi?

Becoming a parent could be easier if the cost of a fertility treatment could be less, this thought might have crossed your mind too like every other person but do you know why these fertility treatments are a little costly. There are various reasons behind the high cost of surrogacy that we are going to discuss in this article however Dynamic fertility & IVF centre provides you an affordable cost of surrogacy in south Delhi. 

Cost OF IVF In India 2021

Dynamic Fertility & IVF centre is a reputed fertility centre that provides packages on the surrogacy treatment. To have a one on one conversation about the surrogacy cost in south Delhi at Dynamic fertility centre you can call on +91 9883-999-000. The coordinator will provide you all the information regarding surrogacy costs and their packages. If you want to go through the written information, further is the whole information regarding surrogacy and surrogacy cost in south Delhi.

What is surrogacy?

Surrogacy is a way to bring happiness into your life, the happiness that has been lost somewhere because of infertility and reoccurring failure of conceiving through the natural method and assisted conception method.

Surrogacy is the most successful treatment among fertility treatments. It has a high success rate of 95% at Dynamic Fertility & IVF centre. The reason is fertility expert Dr. Nalini Gupta and her skilled team who has helped many infertile couples since 2014 to overcome the problems that were caused by infertility.

Briefly, surrogacy is a procedure where a woman known as a surrogate agrees to lend her womb to a couple with an infertility health issue. This procedure includes a legal agreement between surrogate and intended parents where they mention the terms and conditions.

Who can be benefited from surrogacy?

If you think that without any proven health or fertility problem you can undergo surrogacy treatment then this statement would be disappointing for you. Surrogacy is not for everyone.

If you are a healthy and fertile woman who can conceive and carry a pregnancy without compromising health then surrogacy is not for you. To undergo surrogacy, you have to fall under some circumstances that are mentioned below.

  1. If pregnancy can risk your life
  2. If your uterus has been removed
  3. If you have a history of reoccurring miscarriages
  4. If another fertility treatment hasn’t worked
  5. If you have severe heart problems

Many people think that Surrogacy can save one from pregnancy stretch marks, weight gain, labor, and illness during pregnancy but this is just a myth. If you want to undergo surrogacy for these reasons, it would be not possible according to the law. Without any proven health issue, you cannot select surrogacy to have a biological child.

What includes in a basic package of surrogacy?

In a basic package of surrogacy, the fertility expert transfers an ideal embryo into the uterus of a surrogate or gestational carrier that is formed by fertilizing the intended mother’s egg with the sperm of the intended father.

The basic package includes

  1. Initial tests
  2. Surrogate fee
  3. Medicine expenses
  4. IVF with self gametes
  5. Accommodation and food expenditure

The basic package of surrogacy can be customized according to the requirements of the client and his/her fertility condition.  The cost will add to the basic package.  The basic cost of surrogacy in south Delhi starts from INR 12,00,000 and can reach up to INR 20,00,000 according to the requirements.  

What is surrogacy with donor eggs?

There are two conditions where an expert suggests surrogacy with donor eggs.

  1. When ova is of poor qualities to fertilize
  2. When ova have less chance to fertilize with sperm

In these cases, donor eggs can be effective to increase the surrogacy’s success rate. How it would be effective? A woman who donates eggs is super fertile; her ova have a higher chance to be fertilized with sperm than self eggs, that’s how donor eggs are more effective in surrogacy.

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    Why does surrogacy have a high success rate?

    Surrogacy has a high success rate because of three things – a healthy and fertile surrogate, the possibility of taking help of donor egg, sperm, and embryo, and most important a highly experienced fertility expert.

    These three factors make surrogacy the most successful fertility treatment because there is less space left for failure. Failure of treatment is caused by the poor quality of gametes, no implantation of the embryo because of some fertility issues. In surrogacy, donor gametes are of supreme quality as well as the surrogate is super fertile which left almost zero possibility of failure of the treatment.

    For more information on surrogacy cost in south Delhi at Dynamic fertility centre , please call on +91 9883-999-000 and book an appointment with Dr. Nalini Gupta (MBBS, Gynecologist, Fertility expert).

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