How cigarettes or alcohol affect fertility?

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How cigarettes or alcohol affect fertility?

Do’s and don’ts list goes endless when it comes to pregnancy, from everything whether to dye your hair or not or take a bath for debate. But for number of women’s it’s not about do’s and don’t  that weigh their mind instead it’s the dos and don’ts of getting pregnant.

The quantity and quality of both eggs of women and sperm of male are the key ingredients to have a healthy baby.

If you are a smoker and are trying to conceive, it’s advisable for you to stop smoking now.  Quitting may prove to be one of best option you can do for your health and for your fertility issues.

Smoking a cause to infertility

Regular smokers are more likely to face infertility problems than non smokers. If you are in a habits of smoking from past few years or if you smoke many cigarettes daily your risk of infertility issues increases.

There are certain chemicals and drugs which affect our health badly and affect organs in our body. The following are the main fertility issues which can be caused due to usage of drugs in our body:

  • Ovulation issues
  • Damaged to reproductive organs for both
  • Damaged to eggs or menopause
  • Increase rate of miscarriages and cancer

Drugs such as caffeine, smoking cigarette, and alcohol affect fertility:

Few facts about smoking and having a child

  • Smoking adversely affects each stage of reproductive process in human body which includes both egg and sperm maturation, production of hormone, embryo transfer and the uterus environment. It also has the risk of damaging DNA of both sperm and eggs.
  • Pregnant women are always advice to avoid any kind of exposure to drugs such as smoking; it includes risk of pregnancy complications, birth defects, and low birth weights.
  • Smoking increases the risk of miscarriages for pregnant women. The risk increases with the increased amount smoked.
  • Women who are in a habits of smoking often experience menopause earlier than healthy person as it affects the reproductive organ.


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