Best IVF journey one could Experience for one’s IVF Pregnancy

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October 4, 2019
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Best IVF journey one could Experience for one’s IVF Pregnancy

ivf patient

ivf patient

Hello everyone! This side Rahul Sharma one of the citizens of India wants to share my IVF journey with all of you, keeping some astonishing factors towards you. Yes! I also believe in miracles now, as something really happened with me during my IVF journey.

The first astonishing fact which I got during my fertility treatment is that my wife got pregnant during the first IVF attempt. Isn’t it amazing? Like seriously, I mean, I have read several blogs in the medical sites that the couple after the second or third attempt of IVF become pregnant and some of them had unsuccessful IVF with their own eggs or sperms, so I was a bit tensed for all the procedure that takes place in IVF. More than me, my wife was nervous because she had to undergo all the significant steps (egg collection and embryo transfer) during the way of the IVF. So, I didn’t show my nervousness to my wife and made her comfortable.

I know you must be thinking from where I had performed my IVF, the centre’s name was Dynamic Fertility & IVF Centre – located at Rewari. The centre has carried out tremendous service all through the journey of mine IVF treatment. I agree, you might get somehow the same experience from other fertility centres, but I am damn sure about one thing as well, you won’t receive such a pleasant and positive attitude from your fertility team.

This is human nature to go and meander for some best shops to finalise one specific thing, and once they get satisfied, they opt that store. Same I did, Dynamic was not the first in my list where I visited; rather, it was the fourth one in my shortlisted fertility centres.

Of course I won’t criticize any of the centres because each centre works best, but personally I just love the way Dynamic pre-handled my case, conversed with me regarding the fertility condition, and none other the specialist who was so calm and patience – Dr Nalini Gupta – words really become short while expressing gratitude towards her. She is just the best IVF specialist.

My experience from Dynamic group was just fabulous and remarkable. My wife was a bit scared for the medication and especially those regular injections while hearing this team offered us to come to the centre for the infusion. The nurse for 10-12 days has taken care of my wife and regularly injects until the egg-collection.

The significant factor, which I missed to discuss here, is the cost of IVF treatment. Obviously, I won’t tell that the cost of IVF, which I paid, was not in thousands, but still, that was a bit reasonable. And India is known for it’s low-cost so yes, I am lucky although.

At the end, money never matters but a living life does. Eventually, I received what we have been longing for. We have been blessed with a sweet baby boy!

Thanks for all the support and guidance – Dynamic Team. I am delighted declaring we got success during the first IVF attempt.

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