Dr.  Nalini Gupta (Leading Gynecologist, IVF & Infertility Specialist)

    • M.Sc Clinical Embryology, University of Leeds, UK

    • MD-Obstetrics & Gynaecology, University of Rohtak, India

    • MBBS, M D U Rohtak

    • Awarded Distinction in M Sc Clinical Embryology (UK)

She has solved more than 10,000 of infertility cases till now. She is a get up and go lady who passionately work by stripping off any obstacles that come in the way of her infertility case and enjoy solving the issue ending up with all the success.

Dr. Nalini Gupta has completed MBBS, MD (Obs & Gynae) from university of Rohtak, India and M.Sc in Clinical Embryology from University of Leeds, UK. She has been awarded Distinction in M.Sc. Clinical Embryology (UK).

 She has gained experience In-Vitro fertilization techniques and ovulation induction at the Assisted Conception Unit and Reproductive Medicine Unit in The Leeds General Infirmary and St.James’ Hospital Leeds. She has been awarded for her research project on the ‘Impact of Irradiation on Apoptosis in Human Ovary’ under the guidance of consultant Dr. Helen M Picton.

Few words by Dr. Nalini Gupta ‘I am dedicated and reliable individual, capable of leading and motivating my team. I want a fulfilling and rewarding career in the Embryology and Assisted Reproductive Medicine.  With my more than two and a half decade long experience in the field of Gynaecology & Obstetrics in leading institutions in India along with master’s degree in embryology acquired from a premier institute in UK, I am uniquely positioned to provide a complete package of Assisted Reproductive Services.  I wish to work with a progressive and dynamic organization to utilize my skills in a challenging manner’.

Services that Dr. Nalini Gupta offers

  • Handling of patients-infertility workup, ovulation induction protocols
  • Handing of gametes and embryos
  • Culture media preparation and quality control testing
  • Oocyte retrieval
  • Sperm preparation
  • Insemination of oocytes and ICSI
  • IMSI
  • Assisted laser hatching
  • Cryopreservation of semen, embryos, and ovarian tissue
  • Laboratory safety-Lab design, Equipment, Infection control
  • Scoring of fertilization
  • Embryo culture and embryo transfer
  • Post embryo transfer care and follow-up
  • Staffing and direction

Policies and procedures


  • An outstanding success rate of 55-65% in IVF process (includes IVF, ICSI, Egg Donation and surrogacy)
  • One of the prominent Infertility specialists not only in India but also in International countries
  • Has delivered more than 10,061 babies through various ART methodology for the past 33 years
  • More than 1700 successful pregnancies in post menopausal females delivered till date.
  • Know how to handle difficult case in easy and calm manner
  • She has been awarded for her research project on the ‘Impact of Irradiation on Apoptosis in Human Ovary’ under the guidance of consultant Dr. Helen M Picton

Why do you need the best IVF doctor in Delhi?

Many doctors are available with advanced procedures and successful outcomes for infertility conditions. The patient chooses the best one which can be confusing. You can face problems while selecting the Best IVF Doctor in Delhi. But do not worry because your Dynamic destination is always available to help you. The methods are several and you need top doctors with extensive experience. 

Dr. Nalini Gupta has high information and experience in different infertility treatments. It means you will get a bunch of benefits because after choosing us, you do not need to look for other places. You can have procedures and treatment in one place. 

Advance care and attention:
The best IVF doctor in Delhi provides top care and assistance for every patient. They provide proper attention to each patient during their treatment. You do not need to follow the long waiting list. Dr. Gupta focuses on and personally attends to every patient. Her only motive is to provide every couple with their happiness. Also, the entire team only focuses on high comfort and satisfaction. Through the best doctor, you will assistance from deciding upon the process to taking your healthy baby home.
High transparency:
Every patient needs proper treatment without any hidden aspects. The best IVF clinic in Delhi can help you. Our team has true commitment and honesty toward every patient. Dr. Nalini Gupta and her medical team always make sure to explain each stage of the treatment. Your treatment process or charges will not a problem. Because we have high transparency in treatment expenses and approaches. Also, she does not have a money-making mind which causes problems for couples in their treatment end. 
Medical staff:
Dr. Gupta and her entire medical staff have high expertise. Your treatment will perform by highly experienced experts and doctors. They have well-manners and the most polite approaches towards everyone. Our patients have the home life feeling and always have the best review for doctors. Dr. Nalini Gupta’s team has every person that the couple looks for. For instance, top IVF specialists, embryologists, counselors, nurses, ward attendants, assisting teams, and many more. Also, you will have the best infrastructure of the centre that is highly well-developed as per patients’ needs. 
The best fertility doctor in Delhi has high excellence. They perform treatments and procedures with high experience. You will get a process that focuses on the root cause and have a high chance of. Also, the best IVF doctor in Delhi NCR has high success rates in different treatments. Your treatment and conception possibilities are higher through the best expert. 

What are the top treatments performed by the doctor?

The best IVF doctor in Delhi NCR performs treatments for various infertility conditions. It helps achieve successful pregnancy outcomes for severe issues. The couple can choose the best fertility doctor in Delhi for different treatments. Mainly, the following are the best and highly demanded treatments for becoming pregnant: 

  1. IVF (In Vitro Fertilization): It is the best and highly demanded treatment. The best IVF specialist in Delhi performs the process with advanced technologies and approaches. It involves collecting partners’ gametes outside their reproductive system. The expert fertilizes them with advanced care and proper attention and implants them inside the female uterus. It provides a successful pregnancy outcome. Also, the couple can have different approaches and procedures as per conditions. 
  2. ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection): The method helps in gametes fertilization in IVF treatment. It performs by the top IVF doctor in Delhi. As they collect healthy sperm from a male partner’s semen sample. And is directly injected into the female eggs for pregnancy outcome. 
  3. Donor gametes: You can have top assistance for successful IVF treatment. The best art fertility clinic Delhi has donor gametes approaches. It helps when a partner has severe infertility conditions and cannot provide healthy gametes.