Best action to stamp out your depressed days of pregnancy

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Best action to stamp out your depressed days of pregnancy

depressed days of pregnancy

Society thinks largely that being pregnant and the duration of pregnancy is the jovial phase of each woman’s life. No doubt, that Pregnancy is one of the smiling times of a woman’s aliveness but for several women this is the phase of stress, fear and depression. In fact, many pregnant women experience the entire mixture of the emotions during the days of her pregnancy.

According to the researchers and veteran fertility specialists, it has been proved that 20-23% of pregnant women face the symptoms of depression.

What does Depression means? Depression is a mood disorder, which generally affects twice in ten women at some level during their survival. Depression in the phase of pregnancy can be easily treated and managed, for that, you need to go and seek help from your midwife or doc.

Let’s fix one’s gaze on some points, which could be the sign of depression during pregnancy

  • Finding it difficult to cope and get through the day.
  • Deprived of any feeling or we can say that the woman is feeling low / numb
  • Feeling helpless and powerless
  • Lost confidence during the time of pregnancy
  • Usually feeling upset, not willing to do anything in happy mood
  • Getting angry by small matter
  • Irritable behaviour towards others
  • Unable to take sound sleep (feeling always awakened)
  • Energy less or free from any enthusiasm
  • Alteration in the diet
  • Feeling alone and cut-off from relatives
  • Thinking to do some harmful activities that may affect you or your baby
  • Unable to focus
  • Anxiety

Pregnant woman generally faces the above symptoms of depression following of her pregnancy of 2 weeks or more.

Do you think Depression during Pregnancy hurts your baby? 

Of-course Yes! If the woman is facing depression illness, then her baby may be less active, slothful or less concentrated once delivery happens normally. Depression if not treated earlier can end up as dangerous risk to both – mother and her baby. One must consult one’s midwife during the initial stage of depression in pregnancy to get resolved this issue earlier. If not treated or untreated depression can lead to smoking, suicidal behaviour or poor nutrition, these all the things directly have adverse affect on the baby (premature birth, baby’s development issue or it may result to premature birth.

Is there any treatment for depression throughout the time of Pregnancy?

If talking about antidepressant medications during pregnancy, there is yet debate going on whether the medications is safe or not for the baby. Those women, who take medications to get rid of depression, should know that these medicines travel the placenta and reach to the baby as well, so in order to make your baby safe and free from any abnormalities or any defects, one must avoid anti-depressant medication.

The best treatment to untwist the matter of depression is to seek the help from your consultation or doctor guidance. Treatment for depression generally involves talking therapies, counselling and you. Yes! You could be the best solution for yourself to get rid of depression during your days of pregnancy, you must be thinking HOW? Given below are some points from where you can get ideas What to do.

YOU can put an end to your depression during the pregnancy days

Natural ways to relieve the disorder of depression are –

  • Discuss your feelings with your dear and near ones like your partner, close friend or family.
  • Don’t let yourself alone in the days of your pregnancy
  • Avoid alcohol, chewing tobacco, or smoking. These are the things, which can harm your baby and can even make you feel worse.
  • Try to avoid taking the medications (If else treating major depression)
  • Eat properly even if you are not feeling hungry
  • Do exercise regularly
  • Be interactive
  • Be active in order to keep your baby healthy too
  • Doing acupuncture
  • To take omega -3 fatty acid –taking daily supplement of omega-3 fatty acid during the depression days of pregnancy can decrease the symptoms of depression.
  • Women with mild to moderate depression cam also have psychotherapy and support groups to manage the symptoms of depression.

It is necessary to inform the nurse or doctor if you had been suffered from depression within the past because of that previous illness, you’ll be a lot of possibility to induce depression during this pregnancy or once you offer birth. The experts then provide you with the simplest support to cut back the possibilities of you obtaining depression once more.


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