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Are You Really Infertile? – What Dynamic Fertility & Ivf Centre’s Senior Expert Says

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Are You Really Infertile? – What Dynamic Fertility & Ivf Centre’s Senior Expert Says

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Dynamic senior expert thoughts on Being Infertile

Isn’t it a silly question to ask Am I infertile or not? Several couples have this question in their mind after trying many times to conceive naturally. Well, the actual truth is that most of the individuals are not infertile. You must be thinking why I am saying all these things. Have you ever analyse the word “Infertile”  in deep? “Infertile” means not fertile or reproductive and most of the patients I handle day to day are 80-90% are less productive, cannot put them in the circle of infertile individuals. Exceptions to this, there are some rare cases of complete infertile couples such as the woman who have bilaterally blocked tubes, or the one who has never ovulated – annovulation case of women, males who are found to be no sperm termed as azoospermic- such case of patients I see rare. Patients who have endometriosis, blocked tube, have PCOS, poor quality of egg/sperm due to their age or maybe another factor – these are the most common issues, which I see and treat. None of these folk is infertile but somehow they lack fertility.

You know what, throughout life, when is the best time to have a kid or attain pregnancy? It’s when you are in the age group of 22-32 or max.35. This is a perfect age, where one can have their own baby without facing any barriers in the way to attain pregnancy.

Age matters a lot! I had many, many “infertile” patients whom I have treated with the suitable ART treatment based on their infertility type and just for the information for you folks, eighty to ninety individuals are infertile because of their older age. Yes, their age has put them into the group of infertility. And this is the main reason why I prefer to achieve baby by the time because once you are beyond the age group, you’ll have to face many subjects. Infertility is all about the age too. The best way to enjoy your golden days of parenthood is how you are doing family planning. Family planning is the most important thing a couple should do after marriage. If you get pregnant by 35, it is much sure that you don’t have to face any pregnancy issues.

Some couples plan for their baby later in their life (say after 35) but there they forget about their fertility level. Woman’s fertility decline in a rapid way once she gets into the ladder of thirty’s, especially it becomes hard to attain natural pregnancy if she is above 35. Although at the rare case, a miracle does happen! However, you could have all your attempts a big Yes when you were at your younger age, and by just climbing up the age you are just merely putting yourself as “infertile”- Actually no it’s less fertile you are getting. Right!

So, the main question comes – how do you know you are less fertile or in your word infertile?

Some couples start to over-think about their pregnancy after trying for a few months. While others don’t worry even after passing a year or more. Here’s the vital information for you – if you have been trying for less than a year to conceive, you can take several months to achieve pregnancy. However, during this, as stated above – age also matters. If you are 35 or below 35, you can work to reach pregnancy for at least a year but if pregnancy couldn’t happen during a year, then the couple should consult the gynaecologist for their case. And if you are above 35, then six months are enough to wait before you knock the door of the fertility centre because this is the age, when your fertility level begins to drop drastically.

If you had a spontaneous abortion, or miscarriage two or more times in a row, this could also be a sign of a fertility problem. Depending on the cause of infertility, the experts suggest the treatment plan. As you know, several methods have been planned to treat childlessness issue, hence based on the exact problem of fertility type, the treatment is structured.

That’s really fine you have been recommended by your expert to choose IVF or some other ART treatment to have your baby. You don’t have to feel shy or embarrassed if you are unable to conceive on your own. ART is just a way for you to achieve your most awaited dream soon. Taking help from ART treatment doesn’t mean you are infertile and one more thing we are not infertile even if conceive via ART method, yes Stop labeling yourself as Infertile, we either can say this that we are fertility challenged or we have fertility issues in achieving natural pregnancy! Why so? I will give you the answer to this, Infertile or Infertility sounds hopeless even when there is a high chance to achieve pregnancy. The only thing one should not forget is HOPE and CONFIDENCE! Remove the fear of future, give 100% now because you are not infertile, you have lesser fertility potential.

If you have any question regarding your infertility case, you are free to contact and submit your questions, or any concerns to Dynamic Fertility & IVF Centre group. We would love to assist you!  

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