6 Facts Regarding Surrogacy that all Should Know

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December 30, 2017
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January 6, 2018
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6 Facts Regarding Surrogacy that all Should Know

Gynecology in Delhi

Before getting deeper into the realm of surrogacy, let’s first try to understand what is ‘’surrogacy’’.

Surrogacy:- surrogacy is one of the assisted reproduction technology applied for infertility, when a woman is not able to produce baby due to numerous health issue. However, surrogacy is only the sole way that helps to bring hope for child. it is a method or arrangement by which a woman is ready to carry pregnancy for other person and become a new born child parents. Intended parents may look for a surrogacy, when sexual intercourse and medical treatment fail over and over. The most essential part of this treatment is, it does not carry any danger to the health.

There are basically two types of surrogacy prevalent across the world one is called as a gestation surrogacy and other is traditional surrogacy.

Gestation surrogacy: – gestation surrogacy is an arrangement in which a woman carries or deliver baby for another person or couple. It is safe process which requires mutual understanding not only with surrogate mother but with intended couple. All the necessary or verbal communication takes place in written form, and by keeping in mind the surrogacy law in each country. We have the world best doctor, who has served year of experience in gynecology.

Gestation surrogacy and its benefit:- The most essential part of gestation surrogacy is carrying a genetic relationship with intended parents. The egg comes from the intended couple or egg donor and then sperm comes from intended father or a sperm donor. And without donor embryo, IVF is necessary because egg that is used from one woman is further utilized to create embryo and than finally it is implant in another woman uterus.

Traditional surrogacy: – in traditional surrogacy, the surrogate mother use their own egg.and artificially inseminated using the sperm of intended father Or a donor. And then it is fertilized in laboratory and implant in surrogate mother.  The only disadvantage to use traditional surrogacy is the resulting child may have biologically quality of surrogate mother. Due to its legality and complexity. People often prefer to use gestation surrogacy.

It is made for medical reason, not vanity. Surrogacy is most advisable treatment, when the patient fails to heal infertility, by using all kinds of infertility treatment. A surrogate mother has to carry baby into their womb. And able to deliver the baby.A sperm of intended father and egg from mother are used in laboratory.

A surrogate mother can be a friend or complete stranger:-  in order to avail surrogacy treatment, the surrogate mother may be your friend or complete stranger. But subject to the condition, but before experience surrogacy, the woman have to pass through medical test including blood test, the age of woman should be between 18 to35.

Surrogate have typically had a child before:- the surrogate mother should have a child before participation of surrogacy. the reason is simply during the time f pregnancy a woman has to  pay serious attention, and all possible do and don’t to get the pregnancy successful. Premature woman, who has never experience pregnancy  should not be allow for surrogacy.

There will be contract involved:-  there is  a legal contract involve to avoid any bogus statement, it is done by mutual consensus. By informing all the rights including money time and safe procedure.  Our belief is safeguarding woman by condemned of exploitation. We pay equally attention not only on surrogate mother but also intended parents.

The cost of surrogacy:- surrogacy  cost is significantly low” by keeping in mind’’ that all class of society can access, to the immense benefit of surrogacy. The cost relies upon case to case on the submission of no obligation free query.

surrogacy treatment has set its least price to contribute its incredible service for the betterment of childless couple. – Due to its relatively low surrogacy costs, the large numbers of people are coming forward for experiencing amazing service surrogacy. A wonderful journey, toward encouraging family – oriented pro-gram me.

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