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    The moment a baby is born, the mother is also; a baby also brings sparkle and adds liveliness in the couples’ lives and that’s the reason why family planning is needed for each couple in order to ensure a soothing and healthy pregnancy. We, at the Dynamic Fertility group of IVF centres, know that if you are going to be parent, then undeniably you both will rock it! Since infertility has taken hold of your parenthood days, we – the team of Dynamic Fertility & IVF Centre are here to guide you, to be there with you and to stamp out the infertility tag from your life into the jovial and cheerful parents.
    Dynamic Fertility & IVF Centre was born behind the gracious feelings to help each infertile couple to attain their parenthood by treating with the suitable fertility treatment.
    Dynamic Fertility is India’s Best Fertility Clinic and Best IVF Centre in Delhi with a unique approach based in New Delhi, Gurgaon and more places in India. At Dynamic Fertility & IVF Centre we have made pregnancy possible for infertile couples over 10 years. Dynamic Fertility Delhi, India's Most Trusted IVF & Fertility Clinic. Having served 11,000+ Patients since 2010. A division of Dynamic Fertility IVF Centre (LLP) Provides best infertility treatment to infertile couples to understand the feeling of care and concern for their own child.

    How Dynamic Fertility - Top IVF Centre in Delhi, India Can Help to Boost Your Chances of Pregnancy?

    The way to attain pregnancy for some couple are as flat as pancake while there a number of couples where parenthood incorporates several ups and downs, rough patches, and also the occasional jerky moments, however when a couple faces fertility issues, they surely need someone who guide best and treat the case appropriately.
    That’s what Dynamic Fertility & IVF Centre stands for- A source you can invariably Trust. Dynamic Fertility is always there to guide with the best fertility option at each phase of parenthood, from pre-parenthood to the post pregnancy too. We have got the best section of the fertility experts, experienced Gynecologists, enthusiastic and super-active fertility coordinators; this centre also gives free online consultation 24*7.
    We are now the leading fertility centre in India that encompasses all the advanced ART techniques and methodologies to solve infertility issue for both men and women. The team of Dynamic Fertility is always there to assist you with the possible solution and perform matchless treatment (if required). This centre ranks as one of the top 10 Best IVF Centre in Delhi which equips with the highest success rate along with incomparable mode of ART techniques. When you choose Dynamic Fertility we ensure you to get the best treatment; IVF is an excellent program performed by the experienced fertility team of this centre. Along with the highest success rate, Dynamic Fertility has emerged as one of the preferred centre to go for IVF treatment or other ART technique. Availability of the latest technique and ultra-modern technologies, this centre has helped several couples to have their own baby and thus it boosts the chances of pregnancy by suggesting and performing an appropriate treatment carefully.

    Dynamic Fertility & Ivf Centre Always Focusses On Following Major Pillars –

    Authenticity of the Treatment –
    We ensure that you get 100% Right infertility treatment as per the case of your infertility. And if we say, we mean it! DYNAMIC FERTILITY AND IVF CENTRE with all the cutting-edge technologies and ultra-modern techniques provide an appropriate treatment that reflects as a positive result in a women’s pregnancy. We have always given our 100% achieving a sound outcome in the procedure of fertility treatment. We are there to lend a helping hand to all those couples who are confounded to undergo fertility treatment and puzzled about which treatment can come up with the best result.
    Affordability of the Treatment -
    The first and most important maxim by the team of Dynamic Fertility & IVF Centre has always remained to provide the top-notch fertility treatment to the couple rather thinking about the money first. Dynamic team has been helping the BPL and lower-middle individuals to accomplish their pregnancy by giving them the appropriate fertility treatment at marginal price for the past few years. The cost of the fertility treatment at the clinic is somehow reasonably priced comparing with the treatment cost of best IVF centres in India.
    Augmented Success Rate -
    Since we all know that IVF and other advanced ART treatments never come up with the guaranteed result, and so we do say – the same. Neither IVF nor other advanced treatments (except surrogacy method) get the hands on hundred percent success results. However that doesn’t mean assisted reproductive technique doesn’t come up with the best result; of course it does! The exact success rate is based on the age of the couple, the egg quality of the woman, and the embryo quality of the couple after fertilization. As per the case, the team will let the couple know about the approximate success rate to the couple. The success rate of IVF with self-eggs at our clinic is in between 50-55%.
    Accessibility -
    In order to glitter the lives of the couples who have been eagerly waiting for a baby, we – the Best IVF Centre in Delhi -Dynamic Fertility & IVF Centre has set up the branches across India. Dynamic Fertility has established advanced ART clinics to make the pregnancy happen all over the India. With the purpose to make the basic and advanced fertility treatments available from corner to corner, Dynamic has endowed with the latest equipment and a decent success rate.
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    We believe in out of the box thinking and provide the unique to infertility treatment. We’ll help you to work out an individual fertility program that’s right for you. We provide the best infertility services in the affordable prices. Our doctors are well recognized by peers all over the India.

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    Advanced Services Offered At Dynamic Fertility & Ivf Centre

    We here at Best IVF Centre in Delhi aims to provide best ICSI, infertility treatment for males those who are suffering from sperm count abnormality. By having this choice available male, no longer need to worry about infertility.
    Here at this place, we also provide the advanced ICSI treatment with respect to the selection of tool. This treatment is based on Sperm cultivation in which the sperm is injected into the matured egg, hence being referred to as selection tool.
    At Best IVF Centre in Delhi, IMSI treatment is preferred for the couples who have faced consecutive implantation failures. Doctors get to know the sperm’s structure by using IMSI technique resulting them to provide effective IMSI Treatment.
    Azoospermia treatment
    Azoospermia is the regular infertility problem being faced by men involving adequate lack of sperms in the ejaculate. We here, serve them to the best treatment which enables them to resolve the issue and have hope of having their own child.
    Egg Freezing
    Dynamic Fertility and IVF Center has been the finest choice for Egg freezing treatment. It provides efficient infrastructure and environment for storage of female eggs and freezes them to preserve their fertility to be used for future infertility problems, if required.
    Egg Donation
    We are providing Caucasian, Russian and other countries egg donors within just a nominal amount she is charging from the childless couples for availing her services in the form of the eggs.
    Surrogacy is the infertility treatment in which we provides 10% additional discount on onetime payment and having the facility of 4 easy installments with only 0% interest rate charged from the childless couples. The surrogates provided by us, are all fit and fettle and have healthy uterus to carry out the successful pregnancy along with delivery.
    N owadays, infertility problems have been very common and are diagnosed amongst every second individual out of ten. Our team of doctors at Dynamic – Best IVF Centre in Delhi uses their experience in the best possible ways to craft a solution to your problems enabling you to have hope of enjoying the parenthood. We aim to provide the best treatment along with highly equipped laboratories to enhance the quality of results of treatments. We here treat our customers with full dedication to satisfy them to the fullest and letting them come up from anxiety of not being able to deliver their own baby.
    PGD – Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis enables the couples to not to pass the inherited disorder (or chromosomal abnormality) on to their children. The initial steps are as same as in the IVF treatment; once after the embryo formation, the embryologists take out the cells (which will form the placenta) for the embryo testing.

    Our Success Rate

    Your Chances | Our IVF Success Rates

    Our doctors provide the affordable infertility treatments to increase the probability to conceive. IVF treatments allow the enabling couples to conceive. Check success rates of the various IVF Treatments below:


    IVF success rate ranges as per male and female fertility factors. These are average success rates. For your individual case, please contact us.

    Dr Nalini Gupta

    Dr Nalini has pursued her M.Sc. In clinical embryology from Leeds,Great Britain after completing her MBBS and MD (Gyn. And Obs.).

    Read more about Dr. Nalini
    • Increased probability of conceiving
    • Treatments at affordable cost
    • Well equipped laboratories and infrastructure
    • Highly skilled team of doctors
    • Facilitates International patients
    • Patients remain the prime most concern


    Why Choose Dynamic Fertility for IVF & Inertility Treatment in Delhi, India

    Dynamic Fertility & IVF Centre is one of the Best IVF Centre in Delhi that hands out with most amazing success rate and world-class fertility treatments. It serves the best IVF treatment to the patient providing all the advance amenities that includes- hygienic and separate labs, rooms, exclusive medication, and veteran’s fertility experts. Dynamic is enriched with highest success rate due to its ultra-modern equipment's and experienced (more than 35 years) fertility specialists. Dynamic fertility has been a famed centre to put an end of infertility disorder by giving the best and unsurpassed medication.
    If a couple has been trying naturally to get pregnant for at least one year but having difficulty to conceive then this is the appropriate time to seek medical guidance from the best gynecologist, who will diagnose the root cause behind the issue. There are many kinds of infertility treatments available in India to fight against the infertility battle categorized as the basic and advanced infertility treatment.
    Basic involves a minor issue in obtaining the pregnancy and the treatment includes ovulation induction, Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI) etc. and in advance there comes the most effective fertility treatment – IVF (or test tube baby treatment; this treatment is fully known as In Vitro Fertilization procedure), treatments like ICSI, PICSI, IMSI, Sperm Surgical Aspiration method and many more. The experts of Dynamic Fertility & IVF Centre will tell you the right treatment on the basis of your infertility case.

    See Our Real Patients Result / We Don't Believe in Talks

    Rubel, Bangladesh

    I visited three to four clinics and finally I’ve come with the decision to choose Dynamic fertility & IVF centre for IVF fertility treatment. At the first try of IVF, my wife got pregnant and once the delivery happened, I was on seventh heaven seeing my twins; now, we are enjoying healthy and cheerful days with our kids. My heartiest and biggest thanks to the team of dynamic fertility centre.

    Reena Mehra (New Delhi, India)

    I am very pleased to say that by the grace of God and obviously, the hard work done by the Dynamic fertility and IVF Centre team, i and my wife have been gifted with a baby boy by IVF treatment. Thanks to all the staff and Nalini Mam, who supported us best as possible during the journey of our IVF treatment.

    Nitin Gera (New Delhi, India)

    I was completely broken down when i have undergone two unsuccessful cycle of IVF, had lost my confidence, enthusiasm everything. Once i got to know about Dynamic Fertility & IVF centre, had seen reviews and success rate of it in the net then I decided to come down in India and visit there once. I was fully satisfied after knowing the doctor’s experience and concluded to undergo IVF from this clinic. Everything was in perfection during my treatment and now i m a mother of one baby boy.

    Reema Chaudhri (India)

    It’s my stroke of luck that i am writing my review here, Dynamic Fertility clinic has changed my days from gloominess into the happiest days. Thanks is a short word to express my feelings towards this clinic’s staff and doctors. I and my wife undergone IVF treatment and in the first try we were fortunate and my wife got pregnant. Thanks from the bottom of my heart that under the guidance of dynamic team, I and my wife enjoying the days of my parenthood.

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    Top IVF Experts

    Here doctors are experts in their field and provide the best gift i.e. gift of life to their patients to achive their hope of having a child.

    Advanced Technologies

    Our highly skilled doctors use advanced technology equipment to ease the treatment facility and increase the result rate.

    Affordable Cost

    We are concerned about the infertility problems of our patients and thus suggest the best treatment at an affordable cost within budget with high success rate


    1What is IVF? How does it Work?
    IVF is the acronym of In Vitro Fertilization, is one of the effective and well-known fertility treatment of ART technique. IVF fulfils the couple’s most awaited wish- to have their own baby. During IVF, a female has to undergo with fertility medication and regular hormonal injections for few days (10-12 days), this is done to stimulate her ovaries and that in turns develops multiple eggs (instead of a single). Once the eggs are fully matured, the eggs are retrieved under the guidance of fertility experts. Eggs, are then combined with the sperm (provided by the male partner or donor) to achieve fertilization. On the 4th or 5th day of fertilization, healthy embryo is transferred into the uterus of the woman for implantation. This is all about the steps of IVF treatment.
    2When you need to go for IVF?
    IVF is one of the most preferred fertility treatments and is used to eradicate infertility disorder. If a couple faces hard time to have their own baby through natural procedure then he or she should seek an advice from a fertility expert. If a couple has been trying to get pregnant for more than 6 months or so, then there is the chance to undergo with IVF treatment. IVF is performed when a woman experiences irregular menstrual cycles, ovarian issue, and premature ovarian disorder or have genetic abnormalities etc. A male need to consider IVF treatment when there is the issue in his semen (such as less count of sperm, low mobility of the sperm etc).
    3Why to go for IVF?
    If a couple has been trying hard to conceive by their own for more than 6 months (without using any precautions), then at this situation, IVF is the ultimate answer for the couple to get the tag of Parent. Infertility is all the reason behind the option of IVF. If a male or female faces issue in his fertility, then after few tests (blood work, semen analysis, egg quality test, menstrual records etc.), IVF treatment is recommended.
    4What are The Types of IVF Treatments?
    IVF is the universal remedy to solve any of the infertility condition. IVF or Test tube baby treatment has been accepted as the best option to treat Infertility disorder. True, IVF is that fertility treatment, which can be accomplished in numerous ways on the basis of individual’s infertility case. Some of the common types of IVF treatments are – • IVF with own egg • IVF with donor Egg • IVF with Donor sperm • IVF with own sperm • IVF with ICSI • IVF with PICSI • IVF with SSR (Sperm Surgical Retrieval)
    5How can I get the best IVF along with the reasonable IVF treatment?
    IVF treatment generally ranges from INR 1, 65,000 to INR 2, 00,000 – for a standard method; where the woman undergoes fertility medication for ten to twelve days followed by the egg-pick up and later fertilization. Once the embryo gets formed, placing of the embryo happens. IVF though can sum up with the two – three lines of written steps, but these footnotes take proper time and systematic check-ups in addition to advanced medical apparatus – hence the cost of IVF treatment always is in the range of INR 1, 65,000 to INR 2, 00,000 (using self-egg of the woman).
    At the best IVF centre, one gets the best IVF treatment along with the genuine IVF cost.
    6How advanced IVF treatments differ from the conventional IVF treatment?
    The conventional IVF treatment follows four steps –the first is ovary stimulation and then last being the placing of the embryo into the uterus. If we will talk about the advanced IVF, then there are many procedures – like ICSI, IMSI, PICSI, LAH, PGD, and many more technique that could be used during the standard IVF and that’s what makes that treatment – the advanced one. If the couple has been found with a negative result via standard IVF, then the experts might recommend the patient to choose the advanced IVF treatment (as per the case of the couple’s infertility). Advanced IVF always influence the total IVF cost hence the couple is required to ask each minute detail from the clinic regarding the cost-breakdown and strategy of how the treatment is going to take place.
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